• Int'l companies gather in WND

    Nine life science and tech companies on the Fortune Global 500 list have settled in WND: GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Merck KGaA, AstraZeneca, Danone, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Dupont, Mitsubishi Chemical and Johnson & Johnson.

  • Tech innovation enterprises boom

    One Nobel Prize R&D poject on bio-pharmaceutical

    Nine projects under "1,000 Talent Plan"

    Four projects under the Hi-tech Research and Development Program

    Four innovative national-level medicine projects

  • Many listed companies

    Five companies were listed on the National Equities Exchange and  Quotations

    Fostering many innovative tech companies, with life science and tech the main force among those listed in WND.

  • Johnson Han

    Amway Botanical Research Center director

    "I hope that more research companies will come to WND to build an industrial cluster and contribute to the globalization of TCM."

  • Nakauchi Kiyoharu

    Wuxi Yakult Co. vice-general manager

    "WND provides us with an excellent platform for production and R&D, with which we hope to make great efforts to promote Wuxi residents' health."

  • Zhang Bo

    Buenobel Biological Technology CEO

    "Life science and technology is good for social welfare. Engaging in this field, you can not only fulfill your career ambition, but also make a contribution to society."

  • Shao Jinhua

    Hisky Medical Technologies founder

    "Popularize noninvasive liver fibrosis diagnosis, try to reduce liver disease."


Our Strengths

Why WND leads in life science and tech industry?



WND's output value of life science and tech in 2015


WND's revenue for life science and tech in 2015 exceeds

Smart Health
Medical Tools
Phar Logistics
Phar Farming
Life science and tech firms in WND


  • Abundant educational resourceto ensure talent supply

    Wuxi-based Jiangnan University ranks within the top 1 percent in food science, according to data from the Essential Science Indicators.

  • Talent solutionsto promote recruitment

    Wuxi rolled out Taihu Lake Talent Plan, which invites elites from home and abroad to boost its modern industries.



  • Co-opted funds


    19 funds work with WND Technology Financial Venture Investment Group.

  • Seed funding


    WND sets up special funds for its industry development.

  • Industrial fund


    Fude fund is aimed at WND's life science and tech industry.

  • Follow-up policy


    Those with angel investments, WND will follow it up at a ratio of 1:1.5.


Your Chances

You can get support beyond your expectations.

Life science and tech is a key industry of WND, which is why the Wuxi Life Science and Technology Park was established.


  • Apr. 2010

    As a biology-featured industrial base, Wuxi Life Science and Technology Park is approved by the Jiangsu Science and Technology Department.

  • Oct. 2011

    Wuxi Life Science and Technology Park signs contacts with a string of companies, marking the groundbreaking of its R&D zone.

  • Aug. 2012

    Wuxi Center for Food and Drug Control is established, with seven types of monitoring abilities in food, medicine, medical apparatus and instruments, medicament packing material, dietary supplement, cosmetics and environmental monitoring.

  • Sept. 2013

    Wuxi IoT-based Medicare Research Institute opens, promoting Internet of Things’ application in the field of medical health.

  • Nov. 2013

    Its first Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility for pharmaceutical products goes into operation.

  • Apr. 2014

    Wuxi Life Science and Technology Park opens.

  • Dec. 2014

    Wuxi Life Science and Technology Park officially comes into service.

  • Aug. 2015

    The park is crowned as a bio-pharmaceutical and medical device industrial base by the Torch HighTechnology Industry Development Center of Ministry of Science and Technology.

Making the most of operation experience from both home and abroad, Wuxi Life Science and Technology Park consists of three parts – an innovative zone, R&D zone, and industrialization zone.

In the upcoming five years, WND will focus on the development of diagnostic imaging, medical high-value consumable materials, IVD (In-Vitro Diagnosis), smart health care, antineoplastic drugs, CRO (Contract Research Organization) and rehabilitation.

Innovative zone
With a planned construction area of 800 mu (53.3 hectares), the innovative zone focuses on  IoT-based medical care, medical informatization and medical device and medical sensors.

R&D zone
With a planned construction area of 584 mu (38.9 hectares), the R&D zone is home to companies featuring bio-pharmaceutical , medical device and  healthcare services . It has set up an base, including a platform integrating medical storage, logistics, sales, public technology service platform as well as comprehensive support service system.

Industrialization zone
With a planned area of 1,099 mu (73.2 hectares), the industrialization zone focuses on the commercialization of achievements in innovative medicine, medical device, high-end health products.



Hefeng Rd. 28, Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu province






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