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IoT company keeps homes smart and safe


Movies have long excited audience imaginations by flaunting mankind's most cutting-edge technologies. Take the classic Hollywood bank or museum heist as an example; balaclava-clad thieves stand in front of the latest, most impenetrable, security system before miraculously flexing a path through a maze of lasers. While we can only dream of possessing elastic limbs, thanks to ATFeeling Technology this level of security protection is no longer reserved to the screen.

ATFeeling Technology is an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) Wuxi-based company specializing in smart home security systems and smart energy monitoring systems.

The Jiangsu company's signature product is the smart door lock, a system combining technological intelligence and quality materials that unite to keep thieves out.

ATFeeling's smart door lock system. [Photo/provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Doors integrated in this system can be opened in three different ways; using fingerprints, using a card key, and using customized passwords. The system is low on power usage and high on sensitivity. Additionally, the system is installed with a reserve battery that works to further safeguard the protection of homes.

Crucially, the whole system can be controlled at the touch of a button via a downloadable APP. This helps to integrate the home security system with the energy monitoring system and allows users to remotely control their home's lighting, heating, and air conditioning.

One added advantage is the ability to authorize temporary passwords in unexpected or emergency situations. For example, imagine a college friend is coming to visit but will arrive at your home before you return from work, the APP would allow you to provide a temporary time sensitive password that could be used.

Xu Gongyun, the general manager of ATFeeling, believes the company provides reliable, safe, and innovative products to a modern market.

ATFeeling's smart home products [Photo/provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

"IoT represents the intersection of objects from various facets of life," he said noting that he was proud to be an IoT company.

Xu believes ATFeeling Technology is very convenient for users by allowing total control through smartphones. The detail and sophistication of the product also makes it a market leader and the APP can make households more welcoming upon arriving home.

"We install special panels with three or four menus that replace original light switches," Xu said explaining the process, "these panels hold the same function but can be customized and catered to specific habits." These features include the ability to control different lighting settings with simple hand gestures.

Inquisitive visitors take a look around ATFeeling's booth at an exposition. [Photo/provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

ATFeeling will display a range of its smart home products at the seventh World Internet of Things (WIOT) held in Wuxi from Oct 30 to Nov 1.

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