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IoT developed machine enhances inventory efficiency


At Heilan Home, an apparel retailer based in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, the longstanding headache of sorting immense quantities of goods was solved using a radio-frequency identification (RFID) machine. Impressively, the innovative and custom developed reading system is China's largest.

Heilan Home had been weighed down by the pressures of sorting goods and rising wage costs, but in November 2014 the company made use of its partnership with Wuxi Pinguan IoT Technology Co., Ltd. and introduced scanning machines.

The change achieved through the decision was drastic and immediate. The new machines sort and scan piles of boxes with nearly ten times the efficiency of manual laborers. The machines collect the information for 400 labels in 5.2 seconds and, unlike the previously manual process, don't need to open any boxes.

The RFID technology, one specifically designed and promoted by the internet of things (IoT), uses radio signals to automatically identify and track specially designed tags which can be attached to boxes.

The RFID channel reading equipment collects the information for a packaging box's 400 labels in 5.2 seconds and only requires three workers to operate the assembly line. [Photo/provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Jiang Zongqing, general manager of Pinguan, is a keen promoter of RFID technology and believes it can revolutionize the workings of a company.

"As a professional supplier, we have proved ourselves to be a new force in the IoT industry. We help to ensure interconnectivity and efficiency."

Pinguan, similar to many IoT companies, is striving to overhaul traditional ideas that are holding companies back. It has business partners in a range of fields including apparel, electricity, transportation, and banking. The company is engaged in technological research, sales, and technical services for RFID products. Pinguan also maintains close ties with its business partners in order to ensure a high level of operational efficiency.

In the coming years, the company hopes to reach global markets and believes it offers truly unique solutions to advanced warehouse and retail storage issues. One feature it offers is advancing inventory management to new heights through granting companies real-time knowledge of production and stock data.

RFID currently offers advanced technological solutions in a range of areas including the delivery of goods, receiving goods, sorting and labeling goods. The next step for the company will be to further customize and specialize its services, a realm in which the possibilities are as extensive as they are exciting. Imagine, if you will, the ability to scan a t-shirt label and instantly receive the entirety of the product's information on your mobile phone. What a change that would make.

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