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​A New Professional Symphony Orchestra in Wuxi, China is Announcing Positions for all Instruments

(wndonline.cn)Updated: 2023-04-14


The architectural scheme diagram of Wuxi Symphony Hall. [Photo provided to wndonline.cn]

Wuxi, China, a city rich in history and cultural heritage, is currently preparing to create the Wuxi Symphony Orchestra and is also completing construction of the Wuxi Symphony Hall. After the completion of the concert hall in 2025, the Orchestra will have a professional world-class venue for rehearsals and performances that is fully integrated in to the orchestral management structure. We sincerely invite talented musicians to join the vibrant and diverse Wuxi Symphony Orchestra. We hope to engage in a musical dialogue with the world and pave the way for a better future with our marvelous musical performances. We sincerely look forward to the talented musicians from all over the world to join us and dedicate themselves to building a world-class institution.

The interior view of the Wuxi Symphony Hall. [Video provided to wndonline.cn]

The Wuxi Symphony Orchestra and the Concert Hall will be located in the Wuxi High-tech Zone (Xinwu District). Situated in the central area of the Taihu Bay Science and Technology Innovation Area, which has a fantastic geographical location and a high degree of internationalization. It is the window for Wuxi's opening to the outside world, exhibiting the amalgamation of science, technology and culture, in order to foster an environment where innovation can be inspired to happen. As a new cultural gem of Taihu Lake Bay, the Wuxi Symphony Orchestra and the Concert Hall will help spread the culture and customs of China's Yangtze River Delta, and showcase China's contemporary image to the world.

The Wuxi Symphony Orchestra will build a professional symphony orchestra with 3 players in each woodwind section within the next three years, and is committed to upgrading the orchestra into a large-scale symphony orchestra with a four players in each woodwind section. The young orchestra, young concert hall, and outstanding young artistic director Lin Daye, welcome you to join us to create a new symphony orchestra of the highest international standards.

The exterior view of the Wuxi Symphony Hall. [Video provided to wndonline.cn]

Wuxi is bordered by the Taihu Lake to the south and the Yangtze River to the north. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs through the whole territory. It is located between Shanghai and Nanjing, and lies at the center of the Yangtze River delta. With beautiful landscapes and pleasant scenery, Wuxi, known as the "Pearl of the Taihu Lake", is a national historic and cultural city, an excellent tourist city in China as well as having a very high quality of life. Wuxi has a relatively-well-developed economy. It is the cradle of Wu (Yangtze River Delta) culture and an important birthplace of modern China's industrial and commercial enterprises. By the end of 2022, the permanent population of Wuxi was 7.4908 million. With a GDP of 1.49 trillion yuan, Wuxi ranked first in per capita GDP among large and medium-sized cities in China.

Wuxi is a national comprehensive transportation hub city with convenient urban transportation. It has a complete transportation network of water, land and air, including the international airport (South Jiangsu Shuofang International Airport), high-speed railway, subway, expressway and waterway shipping. As one of the central cities south of the Yangtze River, Wuxi is accelerating in accordance with the development goals of "strong economy, rich people, beautiful environment and high degree of social civilization".

Wuxi is a good place suitable for living and working. Welcome to join us and become a resident in the city Wuxi!

Wuxi city promotional video. [Video provided to wndonline.cn]

Job Vacancies:


1st violins  Concertmaster, Associate Concertmaster, Tutti

Each section requires a principal, associate principal and tutti positions

2nd violins




Woodwind and Brass Players:

Principals, Associate Principals, Tutti Players





French Horn


Trombone, Bass Trombone



Tympani Principal

Percussion Associate Principal, Tutti






RMB 350,000 - 400,000 (Yearly) + extra work subsidies (pre-tax) 

Associate Concertmaster:

RMB 300,000 - 350,000 (Yearly) + extra work subsidies (pre-tax) 

Section Principal:

RMB 200,000 - 260,000 (Yearly) + extra work subsidies (pre-tax) 

Section Associate Principal:

RMB 180,000 - 240,000 (Yearly) + extra work subsidies (pre-tax) 

Tutti Player:

RMB 120,000 - 180,000 (Yearly) + extra work subsidies (pre-tax) 

**The monthly salary of the tutti players is divided into three levels based on their performance assessment level: A. RMB15,000; B. RMB12,000; C. RMB10,000.

**A twelve-month salary a year with commercial concerts allowance.

**For extremely outstanding musicians: salary is negotiable.

Duration of Contracts:

Three years' contract with one year qualifying period.

Average Living Cost (food):

RMB1,000 – 2,000 per month.

And there will be free work meals.

Average Cost for Residence Rental:

RMB1,000 – 2,000 per month for a single room.

And there will be 2 months of transitional accommodation.

The orchestra administration can help with finding an apartment.


4 weeks of paid annual vacation and public holidays.


Local social insurance, including medical, employment related injury.

Working Hours:

5 days a week (around 30 hours a week)

** Housing price for purchase in Wuxi:

RMB15,000 to 30,000 per square meter (for your reference only).

Application Procedures:

1. Please send to wuxisymphony@126.com, the orchestra's recruitment email, the Registration Form (see Attachment 1, scan QR code to download), Degree Certificate (electronic file), and a 15 minutes personal performance video or link.

2. Please pack and compress the registration form and the necessary materials, and upload it as an attachment. The title of the file is unified as: name+instrument+2023 candidate performer.

3. Video recording requirements: One take from beginning to end, recorded as a video, not cutting or post produced, and the video requires MP4 format. The performer's face and performance must be clearly visible in the video. The naming format for video file names is: name+instrument+2023 application video.


1. Worldwide, no nationality, region, gender or age restriction;

2. Abide by the Constitution and laws of the People's Republic of China and have good character;

3. Healthy enough to meet the working requirements of the job;

4. Dedicated to work, striving to delve into career, possessing good professional ethics and strong teamwork spirit, and willing to working diligently;

5. Solid basic skills, be able to skillfully employ various performance techniques to express the connotation of the music;

6. A bachelor's degree or above in a relevant major, or equivalent to a bachelor's degree or above in performance. Professional qualities and skills that meet the requirements of a symphony orchestra;

7. Relevant working experience and qualifications in the field of symphony,

(more than one year's experience in playing in symphony orchestras is preferred); Successful applicants need to provide corresponding recommendation letters.

Other information

If you pass the preliminary test, we will send you an invitation to the second round of interview (auditions) by email, and provide you with the excerpts.

Please refer to Attachment 2 for the audition repertoire.

After recruitment, the orchestra will provide you with a competitive salary and benefits in the industry. We will create a warm and enterprising working environment, and commit to making the performers feel at home in Wuxi.

Attachment 1: the Application Form;

Attachment 2: the Audition Repertoire.


*The final interpretation of this recruitment notice belongs to the Wuxi Symphony Orchestra.

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