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Wuxi's notice on the supply of antipyretic drugs

(en.wuxi.gov.cn)Updated: 2022-12-26

In response to increasing demand for antipyretic drugs among the general public, the Wuxi Municipal Committee of the CPC and Wuxi Municipal People's Government, as well as Party committees and governments at all levels, have mobilized all resources to find pharmaceutical supplies and promote production. About 8.5 million tablets of antipyretic drugs have been put on sale and 3.287 million tablets of ibuprofen and acetaminophen antipyretic drugs and 12.536 million tablets of other types of antipyretic drugs will be put onto the market gradually from Dec 24. There will also be 10 million antipyretic tablets for sale at medical institutions and drug stores in the city.

The notice on the supply of antipyretic drugs is as follows:

1. Starting Dec 24, in accordance with the principle of "designated places, limited quantities, sale by tablets, and price limits", 229 convenient medical service locations in the city (including Jiangyin and Yixing) (see Appendix 1), community health service centers and 100 designated retail pharmacies (see Appendix 2) will offer a continuous supply of antipyretic drugs, antigen kits, N95 masks and other epidemic prevention-related drugs and medical materials.

2. All convenient medical service locations and community health service centers open packages of anti-fever drugs and sell them loose. Different rations of drugs will be sold for different treatment courses. People with fevers who need to buy antipyretic drugs can use the "personal doorbell code" on the Lingxi app to buy a 3-day dosage of anti-fever drugs once every five days. The bill can be settled using medical insurance.

3. All convenient medical service locations and community health service centers must inform customers of drug names, usage and dosage, expiration dates, adverse reactions, and contraindications, and guide people to use the drugs properly. A public announcement shall be posted in a visible place, announcing the supply of antipyretic drugs, number of shares for sale, and other information that day. People can purchase according to the number, until the quota is sold out for the day.

4. All districts of the city (including Jiangyin and Yixing) shall offer medical and drug delivery services for people with special needs in their jurisdictions.

5. People can find the 100 closest designated retail pharmacies and convenient medical service locations through the "Lingxi" app. In the [100 Designated Drugstores] and [Convenience Medical Service Locations] modules, people can use the search, query, and one-click navigation functions to get to the nearest designated pharmacy or convenient medical service location.

6. People are advised to use drugs properly and to not use drugs for asymptomatic and mild cases. Take medicine when necessary and in accordance with the drug's instructions or under the guidance of a doctor. We call on all citizens with unneeded medicines to help each other out and share with relatives and friends or other people in urgent need.

7. People are asked to maintain a positive and calm mindset, refrain from spreading rumors, not believe rumors, purchase medicine rationally, use medicine properly, and not stockpile anti-epidemic medicines. If there is a shortage of a specific medicine, please keep in mind that there are many similar alternative medicines. You can check the published catalog of 108 medicines for Covid-19 patients (first edition) and try to choose other alternative medicines with similar functions and indications, or consult a doctor or resident pharmacist to purchase other alternative medicines.

Appendix 1


1 jiangyin.png


2 yixing.png

Liangxi district

3 liangxi.png

Xishan district

4 xishan.png

Huishan district

5 huishan.png

Binhu district

6 binhu.png

Xinwu district

7 xinwu.png

Wuxi Economic Development Zone

8 wedd.png

Appendix 2: List of 100 Designated Drug Stores

Appendix 2:List of 100 Designated Drug Stores.png

Wuxi Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

Dec 24, 2022

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