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Modern agriculture a growing success

(China Daily)Updated: 2022-03-10

Xinwu district in Wuxi has made great efforts to promote the development of intelligent agriculture and is exploring a new path for modern agriculture in southern Jiangsu province.

The district reached an agreement with global high-tech agricultural company Syngenta Group in January to build an intelligent farm.

According to the agreement, the project will be backed by the Xinwu district government and Wuxi Urban Construction Development Group with a 200 million yuan ($31.46 million) investment, and is to be operated by Syngenta Group China.

Based on the business ethos of "new farming, new life and new model", the Future Farm project will serve as a modern agricultural internet of things demonstration base; a modern agricultural science and technology demonstration promotion base; and a teen education and research base.

The Future Farm will cover multiple application and experience scenarios. These include a digital plant factory; a modern agriculture platform developed by Sinochem Agriculture Holdings, which allows whole-process traceability; a modern agriculture platform demonstration farm; a Syngenta-funded modern agricultural science and technology experience center; an outdoor science popularization area and a leisure experience area.

According to the Xinwu government, the Future Farm project aims to transform the traditional agricultural model, demonstrate modern agricultural innovation and explore new approaches fit for southern Jiangsu.

Moreover, the agricultural IoT demonstration base; the modern agricultural science and technology demonstration and promotion base; and the teen education and research base will be open to primary and secondary schools in Wuxi, serving as an of-campus farming culture classroom.

As the vanguard of the development of Wuxi, Xinwu district has not only a strong economy and complete industry chain, but booming agricultural development.

The district has unique natural resources-including 67 hectares of vineyards and 667 hectares of fertile farmland-as well as the Jiangsu Hongshan urban agricultural ecological park and leisure, health and modern agricultural tourism resorts around the Taihu Lake wetland area.

With years of effort, Xinwu district has explored an innovative path to integrate new technologies, such as IoT and big data, into traditional agricultural development and cultivated characteristic agricultural products such as grapes and rice.

The district has attracted a number of high-tech agricultural equipment companies, including Wuxi Hanhe, Yanmar and Fofia.

An official of the Xinwu government said the district is making efforts to accelerate the promotion of digital agriculture, develop modern urban agriculture and rural revitalization. The implementation of the Future Farm project is significant to improving modern agriculture in the district and building a leading agricultural modern demonstration zone in China.

The Future Farm will play a key role in promoting the integration of agriculture, tourism and culture, according to the Xinwu government.


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