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Xinwu proves good choice for UK expat

(China Daily)Updated: 2021-06-24

Due to my media work, I have traveled to places all around China-and Xinwu just happens to have excellent transport links. Thanks to the district's high-speed rail station, I can be in Shanghai or Suzhou in less than an hour. If I want to go further afield, Xinwu is home to Wuxi Sunan Shuofang International Airport, with direct flights to cities across China and to a number of countries in the region. And transport here is about to get even better, with a new metro line set to connect the area to the rest of the city.

Reading this, it might sound like the district is mostly just shops and industry, but this really isn't the case. There is green space almost wherever you look. As a pet owner, I have never been short of places for my dogs to stretch their legs-from the greener that surrounds man of the business parks and residential areas, to beautiful public amenities, such as Lianghong National Wetland Park.

Of course, when living anywhere, financial considerations play a big role in a person's decisions. Traditionally, many expats have headed for megacities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen, with their huge demand for skilled workers and long-established expat communities. But Xinwu is an increasingly attractive option for those who come to work in China. The district's affordable housing and general cost of living compares very favorably with its larger rivals, meaning that for many, basing themselves here is a smart choice.

Personally, my experience of living and working in the area has been extremely positive. I have felt welcome and valued, and it is somewhere that I would recommend to anyone looking to start their career or go into business. Indeed, the range of companies and industries available here makes it an obvious destination for gaining new skills and experience.

And if you were left with any doubt that the district truly values the contribution of its foreign residents, then let me leave you with this: In April 2018, I was awarded a prize by the local government recognizing my own contribution to Xinwu as an expat worker.

"Where else in the world would you get a prize for being a hardworking foreigner?" asked a fellow recipient, speaking to me at the awards ceremony.

Where indeed.

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