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Q&A on investment in Wuxi National Hi-tech District

(wndonline.cn)Updated: 2021-03-08

Q: What are well-known enterprises in WND?

A: As of July 15, 2016, WND accommodates a total of 53 global Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous well-known Japanese and South Korean companies. GE Healthcare (USA), Siemens Healthineers (Germany), AstraZeneca (UK), Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA), Danone (France), Murata Electronics (Japan), Jabil Electronics (USA), Kodak (USA), Infineon (Germany), Nikon (Japan), Sony (Japan), Seagate Technology International (USA), Sharp (Japan), SK Hynix Semiconductor (South Korea), Osram Opto Semiconductors (Germany), Yanmar (Japan), Kubota Engine (Japan), Grundfos (Denmark), Johnson Controls (USA), Cummins (USA), Caterpillar (USA), Bosch (Germany), Dana (USA), Sumika Electronic Materials (Japan), Mitsubishi Chemical (Japan), Dupont (USA), Bridgestone (Japan), Ariston (Italy), Panasonic Energy (Japan), and Vaillant (Germany) have all set up facilities in WND.

Q: How to register a company in WND?

A: 1. Company name verification

2. Program approval and record-keeping

3. Contract and regulation formulation

4. Administration committee's examination and approval

5. Apply for an enterprise code

6. Apply for a certificate of approval

7. Business registration

8. Company seal

9. Foreign exchange registration and open a bank account

10. Tax registration and customs registration

Q: What services does WND provide for companies?

A: The WND administration committee has already established the "one-stop" service center in 2001, providing all-round customized services for companies within the district.

Q: What about the financing environment in WND?

A: WND has specially set up a bank and a service center to provide financial services for small and medium-sized S&T enterprises. As of May 2011, eight equity management companies have settled in the district, handling some 24 accounts worth 9 billion yuan. In addition, it also holds salon activities for entrepreneurs at regular intervals.

The equity investment companies settled in the district are as follows:

Company name

Investment field



WND Technology Financial Venture Investment Group

IT technology/software semiconductor R&D, IC, animation, electronics, biological medicine, Internet of Things


Sun Zhiheng


12th floor, Jinyuan Building, Xiangjiang Road No.2-3, WND

Zhongyu Venture Investment Management Consulting (Wuxi) Co.

semiconductors, information technology and Internet of Things, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy and materials



Han Ruolan


Room 8208, 2nd floor, Software Park, Changjiang Road No.16, WND

Draper Fisher Jurvetson Venture Investment Management (Wuxi)Co.

TMT communication media Internet, Clean Tech—which  covers new energy power generation, energy storage, smart grid and electric vehicles, LED, advanced manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection



Zhao Yu


Room C602, 530 Building, Taihu  International Science and Technology Park, WND

Wuxi Lingfeng Venture Invest Co.

new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, health care, advanced manufacturing, Internet of Things, and modern service industry.



Zhao Keke


Room 602, Chuangyuan Building, Changjiang Road No.21-1, WND

Wuxi Jolmo Jingxin Venture Investment Co.

new energy, new materials, biological medicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection, modern service industries, electronic information and new agriculture



Wang Dong


Room 701, Building B, Longshan Road No.4, WND

Tallwood Venture Capital(Wuxi) Co.

semiconductors and related enterprises in the industry

Pan Zihui


Room1002, Changjiang Road No.21-1, WND

Q: What about the transportation in WND?

A: WND is located in the southeastern part of East China's Jiangsu province, between Shanghai and Nanjing. It lies within the Yangtze River Delta, China's most economically developed and vibrant area. The district enjoys convenient transportation due to a high speed rail station and an airport, making business trips within easy reach while simultaneously cutting logistics costs and transportation time for all enterprises.


WND is 50 kilometers away from both Jiangyin Port and Zhangjiagang Port, 210 kilometers away from Yangshan Deep Water Port in Shanghai and 150 kilometers away from Waigaoqiao Port in Shanghai.


WND has a high-speed railway station and dedicated rail freight lines to convey cargo. It takes about half an hour to reach Shanghai and four and a half hours to reach Beijing from WND by high speed train.


G2 Expressway (Beijing-Shanghai Expressway) G42 Expressway (Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway) Circum-Taihu Lake Expressway 312 State Road 104 State Road


Wuxi's metro Line 1, Line 3 and Line 4 all pass through WND. It takes only half an hour to get Wuxi East Station and Wuxi Sunan Shuofang International Airport by metro from WND.


WND is the only development zone in China with int'l airport. The airport has opened more than 40 domestic and international lines, with over 100 daily flights.

Q: Are there any entrepreneurial platforms in WND? What preferential policies can small-and micro companies enjoy?

A: WND has been attaching great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently, it accommodates several hi-tech industrial parks including Si-Park, Wuxi (National) Software Park and Wuxi MEMS Park, covering an area of 2.5 million square meters. In addition, a 60,000 square meter entrepreneurship plaza and 12 national and provincial business incubators have also been established in the district.

WND has initially set up an integrated communication platform—a WeChat group for elites from various companies in the district to share their points of view with each other. Currently over 200 people from companies, intermediary service agencies and government forums have enrolled in the group chat.

WND has instantiated a series of polices to support entrepreneurship. The WND administrative committee has allocated a special grant for enterprise incubation and development since 2006. It has also introduced the first bank—Agricultural Bank of China, Wuxi branch of science and technology—in the province that specially offers financial services to science and technology companies, in addition to regular financial operations.

Q: What preferential policies can college graduates enjoy in WND?

A: Fresh college graduates intending to work in Wuxi can apply for a house renting allowance for two years. Wuxi also encourages college students to start their businesses in the city by providing start funds and workplaces, along with relevant training and other services.

Q:What are WND's latest industrial plans? What industries does the district intend to focus on?

A:WND has been endeavoring to become a base of scientific and technological innovation, an engine of transformation and development, as well as a window opening up to the outside world. In the second half of 2016, the district will continue to prioritize the development of emerging industries such as Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing and new energy. WND shall also promote the introduction of enterprises from home and abroad, speeding up the high profile companies' establishment process in the district. Additionally, it will optimize the established entrepreneurship environment, and increase investments in R&D, giving full play to innovative economic development.

Q: Has WND rolled out any policies to support science and technology enterprises?

A: WND provides qualified science and technology enterprises with numerous financial support options such as subsidies, and bonuses and grants in accordance with the management guidelines of the Wuxi science and technology development fund.

Q: Has WND rolled out any talent acquisition policies?

A: On May 16, 2016, the Wuxi municipal government initiated the Taihu Lake Talent Plan to encourage elites from home and abroad to join the city's efforts in boosting the development of its modern industries.

Under the talent plan, which covers industrial development, key policies and organizational support, eligible enterprises will receive various subsidies for introducing and cultivating top talents.

Q: What about the living environment in WND?

A: Since its founding, WND has been always stressed the importance of the balanced development of the surrounding environment, social production and civic life. It boasts a beautiful ecological environment, high-end medical care facilities and abundant educational resources, providing its residents with a favorable living environment.

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