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Q&A on investment in Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) Industrial Park

(wndonline.cn)Updated: 2021-03-08

Q: Is there any limitation on registered capital for projects to settle in Wuxi National Hi-tech District (WND)?

A: WND is looking forward to investments from around the world. There is no limitation on registered capital of investments.

Q: Is there any time requirement for new companies to make funds available?

A: The subscribed capital contribution, means of contributing investment and deadline for contribution are to be decided by the company’s shareholders and recorded in articles of association so long as they are in accordance with laws, administrative rules and State Council’s regulations regarding paid-up capital. (The regulations for foreign-funded companies will be provided separately)

Q: Does WND offer preferential policies to IC (integrated circuit) companies?

A: The IC industry is the district’s traditional dominant industry as well as a technology-intensive industry. WND has been encouraging and supporting IC companies to settle here. The district provides industrial funds and favorable policies to support high quality projects.

Q: What public service platforms exist for the IC industry in VLSI Industrial Park?

A: The Park provides start-ups with platforms for electronic design automation (EDA), testing services, reliability tests, FPGA verification, IP technology, fast packaging and MPW.

Q: Is it convenient for IC companies to recruit new employees in Wuxi?

A: A number of universities and research institutions are close to the VLSI Industrial Park, including Peking University’s Software & Microelectronics School – Wuxi Branch, Southeast University’s Integrated Circuits School – Wuxi Branch, Jiangnan University’s IoT Engineering School, National Engineering Research Center for ASIC, Jiangsu VLSI Engineering Center and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation 58, which offer companies sufficient human resource with low labor cost.

Q: Does VLSI Industrial Park offer office space?

A: A 100,000-square-meter office space is available for start-ups to rent. To echo the central government’s initiative on national entrepreneurship and innovation, the district government will provide rent assistance for start-ups that meet relevant prerequisites.

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