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WND releases 12 measures to improve innovation

(wndonline.cn)Updated: 2020-05-27

III. Build a full-chain regional R&D innovation system

Build a full-chain regional R&D innovation system from scientific research institutions to enterprises relying on scientific research institutes, new research and development institutions and major innovation platforms, in order to make full use of achievements in regional scientific and technological innovation.

7. Support the construction of high-end R&D institutions

Provide unlimited financial support for new-type R&D institutions introduced through selection.

A grant of at most 500,000 yuan will be given to enterprises in WND to set up overseas institutions through new establishments or mergers and acquisitions.

8. Support the construction of common industrial technology innovation platforms

Promote the construction of EDA design service platforms, MEMS public technology service platforms, etc. Provide high-end R&D services or productive services focusing on the conversion of science and technology achievements to reduce costs of enterprises.

9. Support the transfer, transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements

According to the actual payment amount of the technology contract transaction, the technology provider or user shall be given a grant of at most 1 million yuan, according to an annual increase of up to 5 percent.

For technology transfer institutions that introduce technology to enterprises in WND and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, a grant of at most 300,000 yuan will be given, according to an annual increase of up to 3 percent.

A grant of at most 500,000 yuan will be given to newly approved national-level intellectual property service institutions and technology transfer demonstration institutions.

10. Support intellectual property creation and application

A grant of at most 10,000 yuan will be given for invention patents and the maintenance of rights.

A grant of at most 300,000 yuan will be given to enterprises titled National Patent Award, Copyright Gold Award, Chinese Well-known Trademark and more.

IV. Improve the whole-chain innovation and entrepreneurship ecological service system

Promote the construction of a comprehensive service platform for a one-stop service center for the South Jiangsu National Innovation Demonstration Zone. Build a regional whole-chain service system covering investment, R&D, finance and talent. Optimize the ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

11. Improve the marketization mechanism of innovation and entrepreneurship services

Establish a four-in-one technology market service system of "government, industry, technology intermediary and technology broker".

Coordinate all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship activities in the district, set up special funds for innovation and entrepreneurship activities, and support the hosting of various activities such as technical forums, industry summits, and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions.

A grant of at most 500,000 yuan will be given to national-level industrial technology innovation strategic alliances and national-level qualified product inspection and testing agencies.

12. Improve the technology financial service system

Set up a venture capital fund of 100 billion yuan. Provide special loans of 100 billion yuan for enterprises in emerging industries.

Welcome all kinds of venture capital, fund management and technology financial institutions, and financial intermediaries, which can enjoy corresponding district-level science and technology policies.

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