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WND releases 12 measures to improve innovation

(wndonline.cn)Updated: 2020-05-27

Wuxi National Hi-tech District (WND) has released 12 measures to improve innovation with the aim of building a first-class high-tech park.

The measures focus on cultivating science and technology enterprises, incubating new science and technology enterprises, regional research and development (R&D) and innovation, and services for innovation and entrepreneurship in a complete chain.

I. Build a growth echelon cultivation system for full-chain technology enterprises

Build a full-chain enterprise cultivation system with high-tech enterprises as the core and young eagle-gazelle-unicorn-listed companies as a key echelon, promote the development of high-growth technology enterprises, expand innovative enterprise clusters, and broaden the scale of emerging industries.

1. Highlight the leading role of major projects

According to the valuation scale of the previous round of investments, projects with a valuation of more than 300 million yuan ($42 million) will be given comprehensive support such as project funds, R&D support and loan discounts according to "one issue, one discussion".

2. Highlight the role of the core innovation subject of the enterprise

Implement a three-year doubling plan for high-tech enterprises, set up an annual special award fund for high-tech enterprises with a scale of 100 million yuan, and give each enterprise a recognized reward of at most 400,000 yuan.

Give each eagle-gazelle-unicorn-listed company a grant of at most 2 million yuan.

Promote the listing of enterprises, and give domestic and overseas IPO companies a grant of at most 5 million yuan.

3. Highlight the supporting role of leading talent projects

Give grants according to talents' categories. Provide a grant of at most 10 million yuan and an indirect grant of at most 10 million yuan for identified projects.

Provide unlimited financial support for projects led by top talent teams such as Nobel prize winners and academicians at home and abroad.

II. Build a full-chain technology enterprise incubation system

Build a full-chain technology enterprise incubation system of "maker space- incubator-accelerator-industrial park" relying on strategic emerging industrial systems and advantageous resources. Build a science and technology park brand.

4. Improve quality and efficiency of technology incubation carriers

A grant of at most 2 million yuan will be given to incubation carriers who win a national title for the first time.

A grant of at most 3 million yuan will be given to certified technology business incubators and maker spaces according to annual operation performance evaluation.

5. Promote the construction of ecological parks for leading enterprises

Support leading foreign-funded, State-owned, and privately funded enterprises to develop as industrial bases.

For units that meet the requirements of a leading ecological park, provide comprehensive support according to the project's land scale, investment amount, comprehensive output and more.

6. Build comprehensive industrial innovation parks

Support State-owned and social investment entities in WND to build comprehensive industrial innovation parks for science and technology enterprises to achieve industrialization.

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