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Notice on further improving the current epidemic prevention and control work (No 16)

According to the new situation of epidemic prevention and control and national and provincial requirements for more targeted epidemic prevention and control as well as restoring people's normal work and life in full and in an orderly manner, notice on further improving the epidemic prevention and control work in Wuxi is issued as follows.

Ⅰ. Strictly preventing imported cases from overseas

Wuxi has set up foreign-related epidemic prevention and control transfer service points at relevant domestic airports responsible for transferring all new entry personnel bound for Wuxi after exiting ports of entry. Wuxi-bound personnel from other ports of entry in China must contact and register with the local community and their work units in advance and report to them immediately upon arrival at Wuxi.

In accordance with the principle of localization management, all Wuxi-bound personnel from outside China are required to be placed under centralized quarantine for medical observation for 14 days from the date of entry (quarantine at home for medical observation is applicable if conditions are not allowed for the former), and undergo nucleic acid testing for coronavirus. 

Strengthen the information registration and reporting system for Wuxi-bound personnel from outside China. In addition to the truthful reports by entry personnel, entities responsible for the epidemic prevention and control such as business entities, enterprises and public institutions, community administrations (residential communities), hotels and lodgings shall have a full grasp of the detailed information of the entry personnel and report to the community (village) administration immediately if there're new entry personnel. The above-mentioned entities will be held accountable in accordance with relevant regulations if their failure to report timely and to obtain all the needed information has resulted in disruption of the epidemic prevention and control work.

Strictly implement the "Four Early" measures. Medical institutions at all levels and of various types shall strictly implement pre-examination and separate examination, and all patients with fever shall be transferred to fever clinics for treatment. Patients with fever who have a travel history outside China must be quarantined for observation and undergo nucleic acid testing. Pharmacies in Wuxi shall register the information of personnel with symptoms such as fever and coughing and guide them to fever clinics for treatment.

All Wuxi-bound personnel from outside China shall take the initiative to apply for "Wuxi Health QR Code" or "Jiangsu Health QR Code", and perform their responsibilities such as truthfully declaring their health information and reporting travel history. Anyone suspected of intentionally concealing contact history of infectious diseases, deliberately concealing the travel history of hard-hit countries (regions) by COVID-19, concealing illnesses, declaring health information untruthfully, refusing to accept medical tests and local prevention and control measures, and other behaviors which disrupt the normal order of epidemic prevention and control work,  shall be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the Law on Public Security Administration Punishments, the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law and other laws and regulations.

Ⅱ. Optimizing use of Wuxi Health QR Code

Control measures of scanning Wuxi Health QR Code or showing Jiangsu Health QR Code plus temperature taking shall continue to be implemented in closed public service places including high-speed train stations, bus stations, airports, communities and villages, hotels, restaurants, bars, cinemas, video halls, recreation halls, Karaoke bars and dance halls, concert halls, internet bars, indoor swimming pools, bathhouses  as well as special places like medical institutions, old people's home, welfare houses and supervision places.

Control measures such as temperature taking and scanning of Health QR code can be cancelled in public places like shops and supermarkets, parks and places of interest, farm produce markets and in public transportation like Metro, buses and taxis.

Schools, nurseries and kindergartens and offline training institutions shall implement relevant epidemic prevention and control schemes.  

Ⅲ. Wearing masks properly 

Wear masks when visiting medical institutions or living with those under self-quarantine at home and discharged from hospital after recovering from COVID-19.

Bring spare masks when in crowded places such as schools, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, conference rooms and workshops, or when taking a lift and public transport. Wear masks when in close contact with others (with a distance of less than or equal to 1 meter).

There's no need to wear masks when at home and outdoors and there's good ventilation and no crowds.

Various regions and departments shall carry out the prevention and control work in a scientific and targeted manner in accordance with the law, earnestly implement the measures of early detection, early reporting, early quarantine, and early treatment and launch the patriotic health campaign in order to fully safeguard the life safety and physical health of the general public.

Wuxi COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control and Emergency Response Headquarters

March 24, 2020


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