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(bizwnd.com)Updated: 2020-03-02

The Wuxi National Hi-tech District (WND) government is working toward building itself into a service-oriented leadership, with the aim of providing enterprises with all-round, one-stop services.

Parallel review and approval

While the setup of an enterprise is undergoing administrative scrutiny before approval, reviews on land use and relevant technical aspects, including proposals about its planned location, safety and security assessment, hygiene examination, stability and environmental assessments, will go hand in hand with project registration/approval procedures in a coordinated, simultaneous manner.

Approval process quickened

●The WND has opened a green channel for major projects to ensure the approval process will be completed within 35 work days;

●Ordinary projects will go through approval procedures within 50 work days;

●The WND aims to speed up the approval process for ordinary projects by 50 percent on the basis of the legally binding timeframe;

●It also will strive to shorten the time actually spent on the approval process by 20 percent over the committed timeframe.

Joint inspection of projects upon their completion

By giving full play to its advantages in resource aggregation and comprehensive coordination, the administrative service center will join hands with various other government agencies to set up an all-in-one work mechanism for inspections and approvals, in a bid to speed up checks on completed projects before they can be approved for use.

'Inform-and-promise' mechanism and material-absent previews

●'Inform-and-promise' mechanism for project previews

While a project filed by an enterprise is undergoing administrative previews, the economic development bureau, environmental watchdog and other regulators will inform the enterprise of the relevant conditions and criteria/standards stipulated in the laws and regulations in a written form. If the enterprise makes a written promise that it will meet the requirements set by the laws and regulations within a certain timeframe and take related legal responsibilities, the regulators will give greenlight to the project for going through subsequent procedures.

●Material-absent previews allowed for construction projects

In order to address the dilemma in which the final approval of a project requires a number of administrative previews that are prerequisites for one another according to current laws and regulations, the regulators will allow the project to enter the approval procedures after the related enterprise signs a responsibility letter. If the absent materials are not essential, regulators can accept the application and start relevant procedures after the enterprise signs the letter of commitment, but the enterprise should make up for all those absent materials before the project can be officially approved.

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