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Equity Investment Organizations in Wuxi New District

(bizwnd.com)Updated: 2015-08-12

1. Wuxi New District Technology Financial Venture Investment Group

The company is a new State-run corporation directly subordinate to Wuxi New District and was officially established in November 2008. It owns a professional management team with rich professional risk investment experience, which creates value and provides additional value for invested corporations.

Investment Fields: IT/software development, research and development of semiconductor, integrated circuit, cartoon and comic, electron device, biology and medicine, and the Internet of Things.

Office Address: Building 12, Jinyuan Mansion, No. 2-3, Xiangjiang Road, New District, Wuxi

Contact: Sun Zhiheng, 13485040703

2. Zhongyu Venture Capital Management Consultancy (Wuxi) Co

The company was co-established by Global Venture Holdings and Wuxi City in May 2007. It is a professional venture capital management company that mainly invests in high-tech and rapidly growing enterprises in Greater China. Global Venture Holdings and the Wuxi government also cooperated in co-founding the Asia Pacific Fund.

Investment areas: semi-conductor, IT, the Internet of things, energy-saving and environment-friendly industry, new energy and new material, people's livelihood-oriented industry.

Office Address: Room 8208, Building 2, Software Park, No.16, Changjiang Road, New District, Wuxi

Contact: Han Ruolan, 85225662-800

3. Draper Fisher Jurvetson (Wuxi) Co., Ltd

The company was established in America in 1985 as a venture capital fund. It is devoted to boosting the development and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises across the continents. Currently, the company manages an RMB fund in Wuxi. Its capital is collected from Wuxi and then handed over to the company for management. Not only does the company raise funds (in both RMB and US dollars), but it also provides additional services for invested enterprises, including consultancy and help in terms of talent provision, market channels, capital operations, global resources and corporate governance.

Investment areas: IMT, Clean Tech, power generation through new energy, energy storage, intelligent electric network, motor-driven automobile, LED, advanced manufacturing, energy-saving and environment-friendly fields.

Office Address: No. C602, No. 530 Mansion, University Technological Park, Taihu International Technological Park, New District, Wuxi

Contact: Zhao Yu, 18602182655


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